My Cat is a Pizza Thief (and Can Open the Fridge)

So yesterday, I ordered a pizza and some mozerrella sticks.  I ate the mozzerella sticks for dinner and put the pizza in the fridge, and then sometime late at night after much drinking with James and Jed…. Jed and I ate a slice each. So, there were six slices of pizza in the fridge.

When James woke up this morning, the fridge door was open and the pizza box was on the floor and the cat was chowing down. He deemed that there were two pieces salvageable and put the box back in the fridge.

Some amount of time later…. Half an hour, maybe. I went to the bathroom and discovered the same sight, and screamed bloody murder. This time, no pizza left untouched.

I went and dropped my keys off with the landlord, came home and ran into Jed on the street picking up his laundry, and he tells me he was up several times over the course of the night and found the pizza box on the floor. He’d just assumed at first that one of us had gotten so drunk that we’d forgotten to close the fridge, but after it happened a few more times and he found chewed pizza he suspected the cat.


After James left for work, I caught him opening the fridge again. So, I duct taped it shut… but forgot to do the freezer. He opened the freezer and took out some frozen hamburger meat and was chowing down on that. So, I had to duct tape that shut too. We’re obviously going to have to install some baby locks.

What’s the naughtiest things your animals have done?

9 thoughts on “My Cat is a Pizza Thief (and Can Open the Fridge)

  1. Holy Moly! That’s one smart kitty. And since I share his love of pizza, I totally understand his overwhelming drive to devour all that he can…

    Two of our cats are well behaved but Mama Kitty is a destroyer of curtains. She claws/climbs them whenever she’s inside and wants to go out…which is all the time since she’s the most indecisive cat ever!
    Jennifer recently posted..Athens Life – Ben’s Bikes…My Profile

  2. Oh my goodness! I can’t believe that your cat can open a refrigerator. That would be so annoying. But he sure ate alot. Well, it’s sad that he ate all the pizza but it is a funny story for the rest of us who don’t have to deal with it!

  3. I was sick when I saw this post the first time and it must have been the one thing stuck in my sick-brain because I told my husband about it not once, not twice, but three time. And thank goodness he had sick brain too, cuz he laughed all three time. :) Thanks for sharing! We needed the laugh…even though it hurt. lol.
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