No More Cone of Shame!

Good news on the cat front! Logan has had his stitches removed and has rid himself of the cone of shame! The biopsy came back showing that he only had an infection, no lymphoma! We’ve got antibiotics we have to give him and we have to bug bomb our apartment because apparently we have fleas. Grr! Fleas! *shakes fist* (Then again, it could be worse… it could be bed bugs.)

He’s in much better spirits since getting that cone off of his head. The last couple of days were kinda tough. He was really tired of it and took to knocking things over for fun… Yesterday, he broke a wine glass and today he was knocking over my teakettle while I was on a work conference call.

No More Cone of Shame!

Thanks to everyone who sent their well wishes for the kitty, I know I didn’t get around to emailing any of you back, but the thoughts were much appreciated. I’m so glad that the cat ended up having a (mostly) clean bill of health!

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