Sunday Confessions #20: Finances, Opinions, Sleep, Facebook and Cleaning

1. When it comes to finances, I’m an idiot. There. I said it. Sigh. I’m at this point where I’m pretty sure I need to hire help because trying to deal with my financial issues pretty much sends me into a state of complete panic where I curl up into the fetal position and bawl my eyes out and refuse to listen to reason because I’m just so overwhelmed and confused regarding how I should handle things… However, I’m not sure how to even start looking for the type of service that I probably need… Are there accountants out there who specialize in dealing with severely anxiously mental financially challenged cases who probably are in need of therapy? How do you hire an accountant when your funds are running on empty as it is? WHAT DO I DO? I feel like I’m in this chicken in the egg scenario… I can’t hire an accountant because I think I have no money to hire an accountant, but I need to hire an accountant to figure out how to actually keep the money I earn.

2. That last post was way more opinionated than I usually get here on AuthExp and I’ve spent a lot of time feeling anxious about it since I posted it. Regardless of whether or not you agreed with my conclusions or not, did you guys enjoy reading that sort of thing? Sometimes I feel like I want to get a little more opinionated about stuff around here but I’m freaking terrified of putting myself out there in terms of political and religious beliefs because I tend to consider that sort of stuff in the Extremely Private category, but considering there’s so much bullshit out there these days I think there needs to be healthy discourse about issues.

3. I really really really want to be asleep right now, but I know it’s not a good idea. There’s an appropriate xkcd for how I feel about sleep these days…

My sleep schedule is SOOOOOOO messed up right now. Most of the week I found myself waking up in New Zealand. I had a day where I didn’t sleep for 24 hours. I had a day that was relatively normal and I woke up at 9am. I tell myself that as long as I’m not required to be up for something specific, I should just roll with it and be asleep when I want to be asleep and be awake when I want to be awake, but I still find myself beating myself up for not having a “normal sleep schedule”.

4. Perhaps I’m slow, but I just figured out that you’re able to like other Facebook pages with your own Facebook page. I hadn’t been liking blogs on Facebook because I didn’t want my “real life profile” getting cluttered up with stuff that I truthfully only care about when I’m really bored and need entertaining (not to say that I don’t care about all of you, but I tend to overfollow on my social networks because I like to be randomly entertained by lots of different people). I am so excited about this because it actually gave me the incentive to start using my blog’s Facebook page more. So, come on and like me over at and see additional content… like posts that I’ve found worthy to share that other people have written.

5. I really need to motivate and clean Room A. Yes, some of our rooms in our apartment are referenced by letters. Really, it’s just the first two little rooms that we reference this way… Room A is my storage room and Room B is James’ storage room. Mine has all my random crap that doesn’t have a home yet because we don’t have enough things like bookshelves…. plus that’s also my closet for all my hanging clothes. I’d go take a picture of it… but I’m tired and lazy and don’t really want to show you a picture of a room that I can’t actually walk in because there’s so much crap until after I’ve cleaned it… So, you know… I can show you before and after pictures. But it’s a mess. And I’ve been putting it off. Needs to happen.

BONUS: This is my 20th time participating in the Sunday Confessions linkup!

6 thoughts on “Sunday Confessions #20: Finances, Opinions, Sleep, Facebook and Cleaning

  1. Hey! This advice might be unwanted, but for the finance thing, I recommend you look for local nonprofits that offer credit counseling or financial literacy/capability counselors. My work offers a service like that – they help you figure out a budget and figure out where you’re overspending (they even like call phone companies and negotiate lower rates and stuff). Definitely do the nonprofit route, if possible. They may make you pay (a little) but they don’t have a hidden agenda and aren’t charging an arm and a leg.
    Mayor Gia recently posted..Confession time: I’m a Loud ChewerMy Profile

  2. Oh dear, I am so sorry about all the financial chaos. It really is a complicated situation but I think there are non profit organisations that offer help for free. I know that things like that exist in Germany but I am sure it is possible to find something in the States too. I hope you can find a solution!
    I know how you feel about #2. Sometimes it is hard to find the right balance. I usually don’t post much about political stuff etc. but sometimes I just can’t shut my mouth. I know that there is no reason to be afraid because if people don’t care for my opinion they can just stop reading.
    My sleep schedule is messed up too. Most nights I wake up around 3:30 and can’t fall back asleep and I don’t know why. It is confusing!

  3. I tend to shy away from controversial topics also. I enjoyed the topic but I did hesitate before commenting- sometimes I get frustrated when I speak my mind about a post and someone “ignores” my opinion by disagreeing…but maybe I’m the only one that sensitive :) That’s my only comment about controversial topics- it’s helpful to readers if you make it clear whether you want all opinions, even opposing ones, or if you were just speaking your mind and don’t necessarily care for a debate.
    Delightfully Awkward Brittany recently posted..Fall/Autumn DecorationMy Profile

  4. #1: Money sucks. Period. I just started using YNAB (you need a budget), it’s a program that allows you to track all your accounts and create a budget that works for you. You can automatically import your expenses, but I prefer to do it manually to help myself realize that wasn’t just a few dollars, it was actually $15.. for something I didn’t necessarily need.
    #2: It’s your blog! You do what you wawnt!
    #4: I discovered after making a FB page for Teh Blog that I can’t see people’s info unless I am friends with them. I can see who the people are that liked the page in the feed, but where it says ## likes, you can’t click on that and see everyone. The creepy-stalker-girl in me was slightly disappointed, but the I-like-my-privacy part of me was THRILLED!
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