Why I Hate Cleaning the Bathroom

Remember how I was so proud of myself for cleaning the bathroom something like 12 days ago?

Yeah… Now I remember why I hate cleaning the bathroom.



I woke up bleary eyed on Thursday morning needing to pee, stumbled to the bathroom and got one foot in the room and suddenly my foot felt wet. I looked down to find a quarter of an inch of water on the entire left side of the bathroom (the side with the sink and toilet and cat box). I’m still not entirely sure what happened, but once again we had a flood.

An entire box of kitty litter landed on the floor because the bottom fell out when James picked it up to move it.

This is the type of shit that happens when that bathroom gets cleaned.

It’s like the room WANTS to be dirty.

Does anyone else have a room that seems to have a mind of it’s own in their house? That no matter what you do to it, it just seems to automatically revert itself into being a freaking mess the minute you clean it?

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