Bodega Kitten Climbs a Tree

I took a work from home day yesterday because my boss was out of the office for meetings and it was the lone day off for James this week, and we needed to run some much needed household errands… and while we were out and about the neighborhood, we met this little guy.


Out in front of one of the bodegas, there was an old man sitting on a milk crate and a tiny little cat who decided to run right up the tree in front of the store. After being so kind to pose for my picture, he tried to climb down and James helped him and snorgled him for a bit and went on about how he wants a kitten.



The old man told us that the little guy belonged to the bodega in Spanish or something to that effect. It was mostly a conversation of smiling and pointing, which is typically how my conversations with the elderly in my neighborhood tend to go. They don’t speak much English and I don’t speak much Spanish, but we’re pretty good at smiling and pointing at things.

A kitten is a pretty good thing to smile and point about, I think.

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