Domestic Saturday Night

There are days where I’m pretty sure blogging and Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest and all of those social media thingies pretty much exist to give me an inferiority complex.

I’m sure there are days when you’ve felt that, too.

I don’t know what your reality is, but I know that my home isn’t exactly the place that’s going to be photographed for a magazine… and that’s sort of what the homes of people who post pictures of their home on the Internet’s homes look like.

Or at least, that’s what the illusion created is. I don’t know if there’s a disaster in your kitchen when you posted pictures of your clean living room which is now probably trashed because you have kids. Geesh.

I have a tendency to assume that people who aren’t me are prefect, and I’m green with envy over the ability that some people have to just be able to look at a pile of crap and organize it AND do it a way where it looks fantastic.

I was not born with this gift.

I’m more the type that’s going to sit here and write a blog post about how I seriously need to do some chores right now and I’m attempting to shirk out of my responsibilities for just a little bit longer by writing a blog post about it… and I’m contemplating doing that thing where I post really embarrassing photos about what a mess my apartment is in hopes that I’ll shame myself into doing what I’m supposed to do so I can post after photos.

Well, instead I’m just going to post a photo of the cat and save you the horror of how bad it actually is, and just describe it to you instead.


The Kitchen
- The sink is overflowing with dishes.
- The cat box is in the middle of the kitchen floor, where it’s been for probably going on three weeks now…. it got moved there after the last bathroom flood which took me two weeks to do round one of cleaning on.
- The kitchen is in desperate need of a vacuum and a mop.
- There’s stuff all over the desk in the kitchen that needs to be put away.

The Bathroom

- Round two of bathroom cleaning post flood is needed. Particularly a vacuum and another mop, but I really ought to go out and buy a new mop because the mop handle is really bent and it needs to get tossed.
- Sink needs cleaned.
- Toilet needs cleaned, but I need to go buy a toilet brush.

Actually, know what? I’m going to go do that. Excuse me for a few minutes…

Okay, I’m back. With mop. And toilet brush. And new bath mat.

Living Room

- Hutch needs decluttered.
- Top of dresser needs decluttered.
- Dresser needs to be reorganized.
- Pick up all the random crap on the floor and put it away.
- Vacuum.


- Put clothes away.
- Make bed.
- Vacuum and mop.

Oh yeah, and I bought chicken so I could make myself barbeque chicken for dinner. So, I’ve got to do that too.

Clearly, I have my work cut out for me on this chilly Saturday evening when I’ve chose to stay in and pretend to be all domestic.

8 thoughts on “Domestic Saturday Night

  1. This post made me smile and laugh. I share the inferiority complex, so I can’t offer sage wisdom there, but, hey, I think you kind of beat the “neat homes” folks in your honesty. I don’t think their homes always look like that. I gravitate towards the messy homes, anyway. They show that there are people who live, function, move in these homes. I love your inclusion of Amanda Palmer, because she’s awesome.

  2. Hahahah you are hilarious. I love your honesty. I am a huge procrastinator and I am not the biggest fan of cleaning or organizing. UNLESS I am angry. When I get really pissed off…watch out I’m cleaning from top to bottom lol. So now that its Monday how did your cleaning and organizing and cooking turn out?
    Songstress recently posted..HALLOWEEN THRILLIN’My Profile

  3. haha! I think you failed to mention in our chat that the bathroom had flooded a while ago =) to be quite honest, we are only just now, like today, finally starting to feel like we are getting closer to being organized… after, you know, like 8.5 years. and getting rid of stuff is playing a BIG part.

    I watched that video while commenting, and she already looks 120 pounds. but very fitting song =)
    christina recently posted..IT’S ALWAYS A GOOD TIME!My Profile

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