Soul Food Monday: Laugh At Yourself


Today was a big day for me… It was my first day back at a real 9 to 5 (ermm.. 10 to 6, this is NYC after all…) job. I’m working for someone with whom I’ve worked before so it’s not nearly as nervewracking as working for someone totally new, but still… I wanted to start out on the right foot. I wanted to dress nice, put on my makeup and be ruling today! So, I picked out my clothes the night before and was all, “This is going to be awesome!”

And well… Some days, NYC likes to serve caviar and other days it’s humble pie. Today was humble pie day.

I got up, showered and then went to go get dressed only to discover that my butt no longer fits into the skirt that I wanted to wear. The work from home lifestyle I’d been living for largely the last year had very obviously caught up with me. The last time I had to wear nice clothes to work… That skirt fit.

Which left me rummaging around for something suitable to wear. I settled on a dress with a cotton top and a velvet bottom, black tights and because it was a little chilly this morning I grabbed my long leather coat.

I rush through my makeup, and realize that I’m now set for a departure of the homestead 10 minutes later than what I wanted. I rush around and pack up my computer and the rest of the stuff I need and run out the door and then put my hands in my pockets and discover that I have left my keys locked in the apartment…. So I have to call James, and thankfully he picks up on call #2 (that man is a champion phone call sleeper through-er remind me to tell you about it sometime) and gives me my keys… I give him a kiss goodbye and head to the subway stop.

On the way there, I notice a group of men kinda giving me a funny look… It isn’t terribly unusual in my neighborhood to get cat called or leered at, so I just sorta made a mental note and did an internal eye roll.

I get there, and I need to buy a Metrocard… as I’m going through the motions the annoucement comes through that there’s an Express train arriving in the direction that I want to go, this is the train that I ideally want… and I’m missing it. It is what it is.

I finish my transaction, frustrated by my lateness and sorta wanting to turn around and go back to bed, but I summon my courage and head down to the platform and start walking to the opposite end which is where I need to transfer when I get to my stop. The bell rings to signify that the Local train is about to leave and say to myself, “Fuck it, might as well take the Local.” It’s slower, because it makes all the stops on the line whereas the Express train skips most of them but it goes to the same place. I’m already running late… What’s another few minutes? And besides, I’m guaranteed a seat.

So, I get on the train… and there’s a woman sitting there that I’m about to walk by when she points to my dress and says, “Honey, you might want to look…”

I look down.

My dress has managed to ride itself all the way up around my waist.

I’d been walking around for I don’t know how long with the top of my tights and my underwear showing.

“Oh my god…” I shake my head at myself, “It’s been one of those days,” I explain to the woman and the other lady sitting across the aisle and we laugh together.

“I guess that explains all those guys looking at me funny…”

One of the ladies laughs, “Yeah, I bet you made their morning!”

On the positive side, I did have my jacket on… So, no one saw from behind, and I buttoned myself the whole way up before I got off the train just to have a little extra coverage in case it happened again (and it did… apparently, the friction between the coat and the dress caused it to roll up).

Today’s lesson was you gotta slow down and not stress, and you’ve got to laugh at yourself when these things happened. Sure, it was a little embarrassing… but I have to say, it was a lot more funny than mortifying!

In what ways have you learned to laugh at yourself lately?

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