Life List

get my finances in order
unlearn being a clutterbug
become one of those people who likes to work out
learn how to cook
record an album of my own original songs
get to the point where i feel comfortable and confidant playing the piano
go to a drupalcon that’s not in north america
dance in a burlesque show (completed 8/3/2011 at Coney Island Sideshow)
take a road trip with two or three friends
walk across the brooklyn bridge
be proud of the way i look
write a book and have it published
write at least one blog post a week for a year
set foot in all 50 states
speak spanish fluently
have a set of boudoir photos taken
own a corset
be able to do 200 pushups
be able to do 200 situps
see the nutcracker performed
learn how to swing dance
take a two week vacation without computers
read 100 books in a year
learn to use my camera
scrapbook a page a week for a year
throw a dinner party where i cooked all the food myself
host regular potlucks
rent a cabin with some friends for two weeks
go back to school and get my bachelor’s degree
write a play and have it performed
visit china
order beer in germany at oktoberfest
journal daily
travel across the country for a year living in an rv while meeting new people and writing about the experience
make my grandmother’s easter doughnuts
take a spa day
get a tattoo
complete a 30 day bikram yoga challenge
attend a knitting group regularly
learn how to sew
to have a beautifully decorated home